As of 2019 WordPress powers over 32% of the entire internet. That’s over a billion sites powered by WordPress. It is by far the most used CMS on the web.

However out of all those sites only about 40% are regularly updated and running smoothly.

This often can cause security issues and decrease online traffic. To accommodate the changing web world, A Creative Team has decided to create WordPress maintenance packages to keep your sites as updated as possible.

Maintenance for Your Website

Maintaining and updating your WordPress website is an important part to keeping your site running well, and optimizing your online traffic.

When a website isn’t properly maintained it’s content may get old, links lost, and connections broken. A website needs backups, updated content, newest software versions and more to run well. Much like a vehicle, a website has regular oil changes and tune ups.

Google and all search engines recognize when a site is constantly updated with new information and the latest version of plugins. It takes this into account when ranking your site on a search page. In short, the website with the best, easy to read content and the most updated software will rank higher than a site that hasn’t been updated in three months and has last years version of WordPress.

A Creative Team is Here to Help!

To accommodate the changing web world, A Creative Team has created WordPress maintenance packages; called “WordPress Care” to keep your sites as updated and running smoothly. These packages can be paid monthly or annually.

Can I Do it Myself?

You can choose to update your site yourself, however it may end up costing you more than our maintenance packages. Updating a website is very uninteresting work and can often be very time consuming. This could end up taking you away from your business and the things that need your full focus, like customers, staff and partners.

Another risk is your website losing traffic if you don’t have the time to fix a problem right away — if a site isn’t working a visitor will move to the next very quickly. At A Creative Team we can take the time to check your WordPress website thoroughly and on a scheduled basis. We will know right away if something goes wrong and can update quickly to ensure no traffic is lost and your online identity stays intact!

Don’t just “Set and Forget” your website

Websites can no longer be a set and forget part of your business.

The technology that runs your website is constantly evolving to make it more secure, fast, and visible to search engines — and with that your website needs to evolve too! Your smartphone software always needs updating, so of course it makes sense to keep your website software current!

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