Introducing our newest service: WordPress Maintenance Packages

Why do I need a WordPress Maintenance Plan?

Here at A Creative Team we build our websites on WordPress. WordPress is the biggest content management systems (CMS) on the internet. It powers over 27% of websites, compared to its next closest competitor, Joomla, which powers 6.8%. Out of the billion sites that WordPress powers only about 40% of them have the latest updates or are effective.

Keeping WordPress Software Updated

When WordPress software does not have the latest updates it could be putting the entire site and users at risk. Maintaining the software of your site helps to increase search rankings, improve the performance and provide a safer experience. Combine that with an updated appearance and content on the front end of your website and your online presence will thrive — along with your business.

A Creative Team will help!

In 2017 A Creative Team has decided to create WordPress Maintenance Packages to keep our clients confident that their site is efficient and safe. We will make sure your site is always available and  working right when possible customers search for your company. A Creative Team will optimize your site ensure it is loading faster and has no security issues along the line. We  guarantee these updates and fixes are completed regularly. This way we ensure no web traffic is lost and google is ranking your site properly.

Keeping Your Site Current

A company’s website can no longer be a set and forget part of business. It needs to evolve with the changing technology that runs it. A car needs regular oil changes and tune ups to keep it running well, and so does your WordPress website. Websites need to be current in order to keep it secure, fast, and visible to search engines.

Let A Creative Team handle the technical details and maintenance of your site. We will keep everything efficient and effective in order for you to focus on growing your business and giving customers the best service possible!

Learn more on our WordPress Care page under Services!